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Hire a Sports Trainer

When it’s vital that your team are healthy and well, both on the field and off it, a sports trainer is an essential addition to your arsenal.


Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy sports trainers you will keep your sporting team at peak performance, simply by having the additional support and expertise as part of your team’s medical staff.

Our trainers are personable, enthusiastic and professional, and offer the right kind of support that a team needs to achieve the next level of greatness. Sports achievement often comes down to a matter of millimetres or seconds, and with a sports trainer by your side you will get rid of obstacles like injury or fatigue and ensure that you are getting the best out of everyone on the team.

We bring the kind of peace of mind and skill that only a true trainer can bring. We stay calm under pressure and always make sure that the focus is on performing at the peak of all abilities in a safe and protected way. Discover the difference that a trainer can make to your sporting team today, and enjoy the same benefits that elite teams have access to.


Educated & Dedicated Sports Trainers

The physiotherapists at Pivotal Motion are dedicated to advancing their sports trainer education. We are always looking to improve the ways in which we can help our athletes because we understand the commitment and training that they go through to perform at their best.

The sporting and injury management industry is always evolving, and we’re always on the lookout for new techniques for recovery and ways to improve the performance of your team or sportspeople.

When we’re at the top of our game, it means we can help you to be at the top of yours.

We understand that the kind of hard work and devotion required to achieve excellence does not come without associated injuries, which is why Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy offers First Aid at sporting events by our Sports Medicine Australia Accredited Sports Trainers.

Our trainers are committed to helping athletes achieve their goals through prevention and immediate management of injuries to reduce their incidence and severity. Physiotherapists from our team are available to attend training sessions, offer rehabilitation exercise programs and monitor players’ progressions


Safety Comes First with our Trainers

Our Sports Trainers play a pivotal role in making sport safer for kids by bridging the gap between coaches, physiotherapists, trainers, and parents to achieve the best possible outcome for players. We do this by:

  • Ensuring appropriate injury prevention protocols are followed.
  • Working together with coaches to physically prepare players for competition.
  • Providing players with the appropriate immediate management of sporting injuries.
  • Educating players, parents and coaches about injuries.
  • Referring players to appropriate health professionals for further treatment.
  • Offering a discount to club members for clinic appointments.

Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy advocates the courses conducted by Sports Medicine Australia. This national organisation works on the safer participation of individuals in sports in Australia.

If you would like to find out more about sports training, don’t hesitate to get in touch on (07) 3352 5116.


Qualified and Nationally Accredited

Not only does Sports Medicine Australia conduct nationwide courses, such as taping and sports trainer, but they also have policies and guidelines for safer sports participation such as medical emergency planning guidelines, hot weather and health conditions and screening. Our trainers can work with you to make sure that your team or school is staying safe while playing sports.

There are 2 levels of sports trainer qualifications. The basis of the qualification is to educate future trainers about the following:

  • The role, responsibilities and legalities of a trainer.
  • How to work with a sporting team.
  • The role of a warm up and cool down on a player’s performance.
  • Taping strategies of joints such as shoulderkneeankle and thumb.
  • Basics of drugs in sports and the role of ASADA.
  • Transportation of an injured player.
  • Common medical conditions that a trainer may be required to assist, for example, asthma and special needs athletes.
  • Latest concepts of recovery protocols.
  • Dealing with heat and cold illnesses such as hypothermia, heat stroke and dehydration.
  • Basic sports massage.


How We Can Help You

We have worked with a range of sporting disciplines and helped at a wide variety of events, for both local sports teams and state represented events. We have provided aid and sporting care by providing a sports trainer at QLD Pirates Volleyball home games during the Australian Volleyball League competition, we have worked with the Brisbane Bandits at Holloway Field at home games of the Australian Baseball League, and in the more long term, Pivotal Motion has looked after Brothers Juniors Rugby League Club at Gibson Park with the medical management of their footy players.

We bring to your team a wealth of understanding and skill when it comes to injury management and health. Our trainers are highly qualified and can help your team to get further than ever before.


Why You Need a Sports Trainer

Having a dedicated sports trainer mean that your players are safer, and it also means that they will feel more confident getting out on the field or court with the backing of a highly trained and dedicated sports injury specialist. The top teams around Australia all rely on the support of their sports trainers, and it stands to reason that if your team is serious about getting ahead that you invest in their future with a  trainer.

From handing out band-aids and ice bags to dislocations, fractures, seizures and concussion management; Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy can help you hire a trainer for a Brisbane sporting event.

Another advantage of hiring Pivotal Motion physiotherapists and trainers to look after your sports team is the equipment we carry. We have all the sprays, tape and braces utilised by top sporting teams. If you are interested in having one of our physiotherapists assist with your sports team, get in touch with Bobbie-Jo today at .


Our Brisbane Physio Services

We offer comprehensive full-body physio Brisbane wide, providing relief to both young and old. Whether you’re a professional sports player, have had surgery or an office worker looking to treat your aching muscles, we go above and beyond to get you feeling better sooner.

Everyday Physiotherapy

Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy provides thorough, quality everyday physiotherapy.

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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is the branch of the physio which addresses, diagnoses and treats athletic injuries.

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Hire a Sports Trainer

When it’s vital that your team are healthy and well, both on the field and off it, a sports trainer is an essential addition to your arsenal.

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Physiotherapy for teenagers

Physiotherapy for teenagers can help keep your teens healthy and injury free.

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Pre-Employment Assessments

Has your employer or potential employer requested a pre-employment assessment?   Pre-employment assessments may be required before you start a new job, when returning to work following an injury, or occasionally throughout your career.

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Third Party Insurance Physiotherapy

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Pre & Post Rehabilitation

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HCF More for Muscles Program

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