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The Focus is on Warming Up with Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy

02/08/2018 by Pivotal Motion

pivotal motion warming up bridge to brisbane marathon brisbane warm up winter

Pivotal Motion is focused on keeping moving for the remainder of the Brisbane Winter and training up for Brisbane’s annual Bridge to Brisbane!

As the cold creeps in and our alarm clocks are being set later, it is becoming clear winter is at its peak. Pivotal Motion are all about movement for everyone and we believe winter is no excuse to maintain sedentary lifestyles. Fortunately, this month we’re focusing on warming up and will share tips and tricks to keep you moving throughout the colder season. After all, Pivotal Motion is all about taking action toward a happier, healthier you.

Bridge 2 Brisbane Ready

Are you ready for this year’s Bridge to Brisbane? Pivotal Motion is all about movement. That is why we are lacing up our runners and warming up for the annual Bridge to Brisbane run, which is just around the corner! As running can impose injury, Pivotal Motion is passionate about reducing this chance and optimising performance on the day through your training routine. Fortunately, we believe in prehabilitation: a proactive approach to preventing injuries before they happen. With the calendar pages flying away and the annual Bridge to Brisbane drawing closer, we believe it is vital to incorporate some techniques and processes into your training to ensure you lessen the chance of injury and achieve your marathon goals!

Can a Pivotal Motion Physiotherapist Help?

As mentioned before, Pivotal Motion is all about movement for everyone. With professional and qualified physiotherapists and podiatrists, we are able to educate our patients on their body, and offer a range of prehabilitation advice to reduce the risk of injury. Whether it is seeking podiatry help or consulting a physiotherapist for an assessment, we strive to help you reach your marathon goals and keep you moving throughout winter.

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