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What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps repair damage, reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility, and improve quality of life. Physiotherapists are highly qualified health professionals who work with the patient on acute care, injury prevention, maintaining functional mobility, rehabilitation, chronic disease management, education and occupational health. (Australian Physiotherapy Association, 2016).

Do I need a GP referral to see a physiotherapist?

No, you do not need a GP referral to see a physiotherapist in private practice. Physiotherapists are classified as Primary Care Clinicians in Australia.  This gives you, the patient, freedom to choose the Brisbane physiotherapist that you want to see.  If a referral is made by a doctor you can also inform them of who you want to see or even change the profession to which you have been referred.

Where is Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy?

Located on the first floor of the Newmarket Village Shopping Centre, this inner north Brisbane Physiotherapy clinic is convenient for all patients.  One of the top advantages of Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy is that this Newmarket physio clinic is so close to Windsor, Wilston, Alderley, Ashgrove, Kelvin Grove, Bowen Hills suburbs.  From the city we are northbound along Kelvin Grove Rd, to the intersection of Newmarket Rd, Newmarket.  The clinic is close to the Newmarket Hotel and Coles at Newmarket Village Shopping Centre.

Does my private health cover (part of) the sessions?

If you have an Extras cover, usually part of physiotherapy sessions are covered. To find out what the exact amount of the rebate would be, we would recommend for you to contact your private health fund. The codes we use for private health are 500 for the initial consult and 505 for subsequent consultations.

If your private health (partially) covers physiotherapy sessions, we can process the claim right here in the office for you via our HICAPS system, and you will only need to pay the gap amount at the time.

If you are a HCF member, this health card fund pays for your first appointment in full. Please make reception staff know at the time of your appointment or new patient form that you are a member of HCF.

Does Medicare cover the sessions, can sessions be bulk-billed?

You may be able to claim Medicare rebates if you have a chronic medical condition that is being managed by your GP under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan, previously called (Enhanced Primary Care plan, EPC). If you have this plan, you are entitled to a $52.95 rebate for up to five sessions a calendar year.

Full payment of services is required prior to the processing of the Easyclaim at normal physiotherapy rates of $98 for initial and $80 for subsequent physiotherapy treatments.

Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy does not offer bulk billed services, but does provide on the spot Medicare Easyclaim via our HICAPS system, so you will be rebated right away.  Required is a current EPC plan, medicare card and a debit card as processing can only occur back onto a savings or cheque account.

What are your fees and cancellation policy?

Our initial consultation (30 minutes; code 500) is $98.00 and our subsequent appointments (30 minutes; code 505) are $80.00 per session.

All cancellations need to be made 24 hours prior to the pre-arranged appointment, or a full fee ($80) will be charged. Rescheduled appointments will carry a $24.00 fee if the appointment is changed on the same day of the pre-arranged appointment.  Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy sends you a reminder text message to prevent reception staff having to implement this fee.

Please remember that as a physiotherapy clinic we are a time based service so if you miss your appointment lose income to pay for staff hence the fee.

What are your opening hours and how soon can I get in to see a physio?

Monday – Thursday from 07:30 am to 7 pm
Friday from 07:30 am to 6 pm
Saturday from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm.

If you are in acute pain, usually we would be able to get you in on the same day or the day after.  Work with us on the phone to see what we can do for you.  Our reception staff can discuss with the physiotherapist to see if there are opportunities to squeeze in an extra appointment or start earlier.  You won’t know unless you ask.

How long are the sessions and how often do I need to come?

Our sessions are 30 minutes long. The frequency and amount of sessions you will need depend on the severity of the injury.  At times there may be times that it will take longer.  For example we may use ice, heat, cupping or needling as an adjacent to your manual therapy treatment.  Your physio will do up an individually customised treatment plan and will be able to give you an estimate on the amount of sessions after your initial consultation.

What type of treatment does Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy offer?

Our physiotherapists have a range of treatment options at their disposal, educational and also hands on. They will choose the best combination of treatments to tailor to your needs. We may advocate any combination of the following treatment methods:

  • Exercise programs to improve mobility and strengthen muscles
  • Muscle re-education to improve control and body awareness.
  • Joint mobilisations to reduce pain and stiffness
  • Soft tissue mobilisation such as massage
  • Assistance with use of crutches, braces and/or tape
  • Dry needling
  • Cupping (Myotherapy)

What do I need to bring and/or wear to the first consultation?

If you have had any X-Rays, MRI or CT scans or Ultrasounds done recently, please bring the report in so your physiotherapist can use these in their assessment of your injury.

The wearing of loose, comfortable clothing would be preferred. We do have shorts at the practice as well, in case we will go through some exercises with you.

If you are a Workcover or Third Party patient please be aware that staff require a current medical certificate and approved claim number to bill directly.

What makes Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy stand out from other physio practices?

At Pivotal Motion, we pride ourselves on a client-centered approach. Your sessions will be spent one-on-one with a physiotherapist. We do not use any machines, but concentrate on using hands-on manual therapy combined with education and exercise.  What we do for everyday physiotherapy depends on your needs and level of pain and discomfort, and where you are in the treatment plan.

Pivotal Motion has a state of the art gym on site, so our Brisbane physiotherapists can coach you how to move the way you should during exercise. We have exercise classes that can assist once the Brisbane Physiotherapist has eased off your symptoms to allow progress and prevention. We also focus on a pro-active approach: prevention is just as important as treatment.

Can Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy provide me with a sick leave certificate?

A physiotherapist can complete a medical certificate for time off work, as long as the injury is related to a physiotherapist’s scope of practice. Your employer may still ask for a letter from your GP.  A sick letter can only be valid for up to 24 hour period.  Longer duration will need to be organised by your GP.