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Are you looking for a physiotherapy Brisbane clinic with a holistic approach towards health.  A physio clinic with the right treatment options to improve your pain?

Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy Brisbane is the answer.

Our north Brisbane physiotherapy practice, located at Newmarket, provides a full range of physiotherapy services.


Our Brisbane Physio Services

We offer comprehensive full-body physio Brisbane wide, providing relief to both young and old. Whether you’re a professional sports player, have had surgery or an office worker looking to treat your aching muscles, we go above and beyond to get you feeling better sooner.

Everyday Physiotherapy

At Pivotal Motion, our goal is to restore your body to full function, so it is feeling better than it was before.

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Exercise Classes

Keeping your body fit, healthy and fully functional goes far beyond standard physio practices, which is why we provide exercise classes.

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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is the branch of the physio which addresses, diagnoses and treats athletic injuries.

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Hire a Sports Trainer

When it’s vital that your team are healthy and well, both on the field and off it, a sports trainer is an essential addition to your arsenal.

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Physiotherapy for teenagers

How can you help your teens stay healthy and injury free? Tricky teens are no problem for our team at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy.

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Pre-Employment Assessments

Some employers require a work fitness assessment to ensure their potential employees are physically capable of performing the tasks required in the role.

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Workcover Physiotherapy

After an injury, nothing can worsen the situation like the bill, especially if you are prevented from working.

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Pre & Post Rehabilitation

Prehabilitation of injuries Prehabilitation or ‘Prehab’ has now been recognised as being much more important than that post rehabilitation.

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Enhanced Primary Care

What is an EPC appointment? Do I qualify?   The road to recovery can be longer than we expect.

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HCF More for Muscles Program

Initial consults are the first step towards achieving better overall health as issues and injuries are identified and examined.

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Find a Brisbane physio today at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy. Contact us now!

Physiotherapy helps with your pain.

Whatever joint is in pain, our Brisbane physio specialists can help. We can apply trusted physio techniques to ease the pain in the different areas and joints of your body.

If you have pain that started this morning or has been persisting, Pivotal Motion is your Brisbane Physiotherapy clinic.

Having surgery soon or have recently had surgery, Pivotal Motion is here for your prehab and rehab needs.

For our weekend warriors, if the gardening got the best of you, don’t feel green come in and our physios will treat your pain.

Win or loss, injury or tune up, Pivotal Motion is your sports physio clinic of choice.  We have your back – pun intended.

If any of these body parts hurt, come see us at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy and allow us to help you move better than before.

Physiotherapy is available on the first floor of the Newmarket Village Shopping Centre, Shop 213A 400 Newmarket Rd, Newmarket Queensland.


Strength and Balance classes at 9 am on Mondays and 9.30am on Wednesday
This class focuses on increasing strength, preventing falls, improving general level of fitness, and instilling confidence in movement in our participants. Classes are personally tailored to each individual and taught in a social and friendly setting.

Summer Bootcamp for Brisbane kids
Our adolescent class are set up specifically for the growing body and use resistance training to improve fitness, posture and tissue capacity. Not only that, they are fun too! Over the school summer holidays the classes run from 8-9am Monday to Friday.

Read more about our classes here.


About Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy Brisbane

Client focused

We pride ourselves on our client focus here at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy.

We welcome both new and returning patients equally and give 100% of our attention to establishing the diagnosis, offering treatments and providing positive outcomes.

Brisbane based

If you’re looking for a physiotherapist on the north side and Brisbane wide that you can trust, Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy is conveniently located in the Newmarket Village Shopping Centre in Newmarket – a central location that you can get to easily from anywhere in Brisbane. Helping the residents of Newmarket, Wilston, Kelvin Grove, Red Hill, Ashgrove, Windsor and Herston with all Physio needs.

Highly experienced

Our principal physiotherapist Bobbie-Jo Strong is highly skilled in her field, holding a masters in physiotherapy and extensive experience handling both general physiotherapy and sports-related injuries in athletes.

Whatever the problem, Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy is here to help ease your aching muscles and get you feeling better sooner.

Call us on 07 3352 5116 to book a Brisbane physio appointment today!

Conveniently located on the first floor of Newmarket Village Shopping Centre, Shop 213A 400 Newmarket Rd, Newmarket QLD 4051

What a Physiotherapist Can Do for You

Have you been experiencing pain or discomfort in the lower back or neck? Although your pain may be due to stress or strenuous activities, a combination of other more serious factors may also be the cause. Allow us to pinpoint the source of your pain, provide a diagnosis and treat it according to current best practices.

We are experts in movement.

What we do

Physiotherapy is a medically recognised healthcare practice that can improve the function of your muscles and joints.

Our physiotherapists have helped our north Brisbane patients in suburbs like Newmarket, Wilston, Windsor , Kelvin Grove, Red Hill, Ashgrove, Windsor and Herston to recover from injuries, treat movement disorders, or help ease pain caused by age or lifestyle factors.

Why Choose Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy


Trusted Treatment

At Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy, we always have your overall health and wellbeing in mind. We only provide the most current physiotherapy practices and treatment options to our patients, so you can trust that you’re in safe hands with us.

Expert in the Field

Our principal physio Bobbie-Jo Strong has a thorough understanding of all aspects of physiotherapy and extensive hands-on experience managing injuries across various sports. With a masters in physiotherapy under her belt to back up her years of experience, she is truly an expert in her field and the perfect person to turn to for treating your sore muscles.

A Holistic Approach

We know it takes far more than just applying physiotherapy treatments in the clinic or in the field to restore your joints and muscles back to full health, which is why we take a holistic approach towards looking after body. We give you realistic advice and guidance to improve your muscle strength and overall wellbeing long after you leave our practice.




Preferred provider – HCF More for Muscles
HICAPS available on-site

Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy Fee Schedule

30 minutes
Initial consultation
Private Health Code 500
60 minutes
Initial/Subsq consultation
Private Health Code 506
30 minutes
Subsequent consultation
Private Health Code 505

For clients who are referred by their GP and have an EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) Plan, please click on this link for more information.