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Enhanced Primary Care

The road to recovery can be longer than we expect, as we don’t often realise the full extent of our injuries, or what is required to correct them. As a result, ongoing sessions and even referrals to other health professionals can be required in order to achieve optimal health and fitness. For those who suffer from a chronic injury or illness, which is identified as having been present or expected to be present for over six months, regular appointments and sessions can be expensive.

Under the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) section of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (formerly known as the Enhanced Primary Care scheme), medical rebates are available for individuals who suffer from illnesses or injuries that require treatments from multiple health professionals. While Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy is able to professionally assist CDM patients to achieve full health, our physiotherapy services are not covered under bulk billing schemes.

Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy offers CDM patients fees resembling regular clients, which amount to $98 for an initial consultation and $80 for subsequent appointments. However, patients are able to claim a $52.95 rebate through Medicare Easyclaim, if they bring a Debit Card with a Cheque or Savings account. This means that the out of pocket fee for the initial consultation is $45.05 and $27.05 for subsequent appointments.

Key points to note in summary:

  • A Medicare rebate is available for a maximum of five services per patient each calendar year. Additional services are not possible in any circumstances.

  • A chronic condition is one that has been existing for greater then 6 months.  For example diabetes; musculoskeletal conditions; and stroke.

If you have any questions about Medicare rebates, speak to our friendly reception staff to discuss payment options and costs.

Our Brisbane Physio Services

We offer comprehensive full-body physio Brisbane wide, providing relief to both young and old. Whether you’re a professional sports player, have had surgery or an office worker looking to treat your aching muscles, we go above and beyond to get you feeling better sooner.

Everyday Physiotherapy

At Pivotal Motion, our ultimate goal is to restore your body so it’s fully functional and feeling better than it was before.

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Exercise Classes

Keeping your body fit, healthy and fully functional goes far beyond standard physio practices, which is why we provide exercise classes.

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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is the branch of the physio which addresses, diagnoses and treats athletic injuries.

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Hire a Sports Trainer

When it’s vital that your team are healthy and well, both on the field and off it, a sports trainer is an essential addition to your arsenal.

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Physiotherapy for teenagers

Tricky teens are no problem for our team at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy.

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Pre-Employment Assessments

Some employers require a work fitness assessment to ensure their potential employees are physically capable of performing the tasks required in the role.

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Workcover Physiotherapy

After an injury, nothing can worsen the situation like the bill, especially if you are prevented from working.

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Pre & Post Rehabilitation

Prehabilitation of injuries Prehabilitation or ‘Prehab’ has now been recognised as being much more important than that post rehabilitation.

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Enhanced Primary Care

The road to recovery can be longer than we expect, as we don’t often realise the full extent of our injuries, or what is required to correct them.

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HCF More for Muscles Program

Initial consults are the first step towards achieving better overall health as issues and injuries are identified and examined.

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